About Vishnu Prasad

Vishnu is a Technology Lead and Project Manager with more than a decade of experience driving projects and leading effective teams.

Vishnu Prasad is a seasoned professional with 12 years of experience in IT, specializing in AWS, Python, Kubernetes, automation, APIs, and data management. Holding certifications as an AWS Solutions Architect and Redis security expert, along with expertise in infrastructure automation and security compliance (including SOC2 and ISO standards), Vishnu has excelled in various capacities, including as Chief Infrastructure Officer. Noteworthy achievements include reducing infrastructure costs by 40% through the implementation of well-architected frameworks, architecting high-capacity infrastructures handling 50k requests per second, and configuring compliant infrastructure for SOC2 and ISO standards. Vishnu's approach to problem-solving involves breaking down complex tasks, prioritizing security, adhering to best practices, and maintaining coding standards to ensure the long-term effectiveness and reliability of solutions.

When he is not working, he is either watching NBA or gardening.

Fields of experience

  • Python, Ruby
  • AWS, Azure
  • Kubernetes, IaC
  • Automation
  • Postgres, Elasticsearch, Redis
  • Flask, Ruby On Rails
  • Security &¬†Compliance
  • API

Vishnu Prasad

Chief Infrastructure Officer