Automate. Deploy. Secure.

In the digital age, security and reliability are paramount. At Team8, we merge these principles, ensuring your operations are both seamless and secure. With our expertise in DevSecOps and SRE, we transform challenges into opportunities, crafting resilient and robust systems.

The Key to Next-Gen Operations

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, DevSecOps stands out as the bedrock of modern application development. It's not just about development and operations anymore; security is intertwined into every part of the development process. We need to ensure every line of code and every deployment is safeguarded against potential vulnerabilities.

Leveraging AWS infrastructure, we at Team8 elevate these practices by harnessing the vast suite of tools and capabilities in AWS, crafting solutions that are as scalable as they are secure.


Ops Assessment

Begin your journey with a comprehensive look at your current operations. We dive deep to identify gaps and recommend best practices, setting the stage for a more secure and efficient workflow.

Well-Architected Reviews

Build on solid foundations. We help you derive the benefits of AWS's best practices, so that your systems are robust, secure, and primed for growth.

Infrastructure as Cloud

Embrace the future with programmable infrastructure. We streamline your deployments with code, turning infrastructure management into a seamless and efficient experience.


Guard against threats with a security-first approach. We integrate top-tier practices and tools into your operations, ensuring every aspect remains uncompromised and your data is always protected.

Operational Excellence

Operate with the precision and efficiency that today's digital world demands. We fine-tune your systems to consistently deliver peak performance, ensuring you're always at the forefront of operational mastery.


Gain unmatched visibility into your applications and infrastructure. We implement cutting-edge tools and strategies, allowing you to anticipate issues before they arise and ensure optimal user experiences.


Ensure that your applications are always available, irrespective of demand or challenges. We implement proven strategies to bolster your system's resilience to maintain high uptime and resilience, guaranteeing unwavering performance.

Cost Optimization

Make the most of every dollar spent. We analyze and refine your operations to strike a balance between efficiency and expenses, ensuring you get the best return on investment.

Cloud Migration

Embrace the boundless potential of the cloud. We ensure a smooth transition to the cloud, minimizing disruptions while maximizing benefits.

Why Partner with us

Continuous Innovation  Realized

Turn operational hurdles into strategic assets. Embrace innovation without sacrificing security.

  • Security First

    In a world of ever-growing cyber threats, security is job zero. We value security over all other concerns - no compromises.

  • Holistic Approach

    We don't just offer solutions; we strategize, ensuring every aspect of your operation is aligned for long-term success.

  • Unwavering Commitment

    Your success is our mission. We stand by you at every step, making certain your journey in the cloud is smooth, efficient, and transformative.