About Seenu Banda

Seenu's expertise lies in identifying critical steps and decisions involved in building solutions and finding practical ways to successfully navigating through them.

He helps with initial product and solution readiness, mapping value propositions and hypothesis, and developing MVPs for pre-revenue products. For post-MVP, he develops product strategy and planning that achieves GoToMarket Fit and revenue scaling.

Seenu has worked in big enterprises such as Intel, Cisco, and Alcatel-Lucent. And Seenu has also founded and sold two companies. For the last five years, Seenu has been building Team8 Solutions along with Subhash to develop compelling solutions for global companies, some of which have won several awards.

Fields of experience

  • Large Scale Software Product Development
  • Technology Innovation
  • Strategy and Business Development

Deep Expertise Tech

  • Internet Solutions
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Data Platforms, NLP, and Blockchain

Seenu Banda